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Xi-Huang Mountain Spa Resort


Zheng Zhou, China


Henan Meijing Group Co., LTD

Project Description:

Xi-Huang Mountain Spa Resort is located 1 hour southwest of Zheng Zhou, adjacent to Fu-Yi-Shan National Park, located within the famous Shao-Lin Mountain Range extension. The site has an extreme complex topography with drastic elevation changes and natural hot springs. Abundant natural mountain landscape with wide variety of fauna and flora and existing cave houses set this project apart from anywhere else. The land area has over 80% of natural forest coverage. The site plan sets forth environmentally friendly design integrating proposed indoor and outdoor spa, forest spa lounges and decks, terrace café, boutique spa villas, spa hotel and amenities with the natural surroundings and existing buildings. More than 60% of this property has been set aside for conservation, featuring opening space, conservation land, beautiful rolling hills, winding trails, wildlife habitats and undisturbed woodlands. 

Project Team:

DUMON DESIGN, Beijing Miland Design

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