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SummerCamp Resort Community

SummerCamp is an upscale resort community located on a secluded stretch of the Gulf of Mexico Coast 46 miles south of Tallahassee. This 750-acre, with nearly four miles of Gulf beach shoreline, property is one of the least crowded and most undisturbed coastlines in Florida. SummerCamp is a low-key luxury resort community designed under a unique concept of camp like setting. Homes are surrounded by 762 acres of woods with towering pines, twisting oaks and fan-like palmettos, residents are here to retreat and enjoy the great Florida outdoors. The goal is to create a nature inspired community that preserves and enhances the fragile coastal and wetland ecosystems through the implementation of a sensitive master plan and a set of prescriptive development guidelines. Services provided include master planning, design guidelines, detailed site planning and landscape design.


Panhandle of Florida


The St. Joe Companies

Project Description:

This project was completed while under the auspices of EDSA, Inc.

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