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Qianshan New Village 

This is a high-end 55-acre mixed-use urban residential community. Program elements include high/ middle-end residential condominiums, 5-star hotel, a multi-level pedestrian mall, temple and high-end commercial uses. The master plan and landscape design is focused on providing residents with an environmental friendly community with a park-like landscape on the garage rooftop in an urban setting. This redevelopment project has relocated 1,700 original households back to the New Village. The concept of this 19,000 resident high-density community is that it has promoted architectural and cultural preservation and has been planned and designed with Feng Shui principles and creative green techniques.

Project Team:

HM Design; Counts Studio; DavidClovers


Zhuhai, China


Zhuhai Kadoo & Haijun Real Estate

Development Co., LTD

Project Description:

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