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Playa Blanca Resort Community

Playa Blanca Resort is set on a 205-acre beachfront terrain with a 3,200-foot long stretch of beautiful sandy beach, numerous natural springs and lagoons. It is home to 1,900 residents, including modern homes and villas, luxurious condos, a town center with lively activities and entertainments. The resort also has a 17-acre swimming pool which is the second largest swimming pool in the world. At the heart of the project there is an upscale all-Inclusive hotel with 220 guest rooms. The master plan aims to reposition Playa Blanca as an amenity-driven resort community creating instant value for the existing developments while creating the opportunity to raise the level of quality for future development.

Project Description:


Panama City, Panama


LYNX Strategic Development

This project was completed while under the auspices of EDSA, Inc.

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