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Luxury Eco Resort


Costa Rica

Project Description:

This is a 750-acre private eco resort located in one of the most pristine beachfront of Costa Rica in one of the world’s outstanding examples of lowland tropical rain forest. The property was drained and turned into pasture decades ago and then became over-grazed and abandoned. This project is a major undertaking to restore its habitat, ecosystem and create corridors for wildlife connecting adjacent national parks.  A nursery using seeds collected locally was created to provide seedlings for the reforestation program. The Resort has attracted an array of colorful flora and amazing variety of fauna. It has become a showcase for the public and local schools to demonstrate the importance of habitat management and the wildlife that exists in the area.  The project has trained and provided jobs for the locals, supported numerous families financially, and contributed tremendously to the local economy. It is a sustainable development in the true sense of the word.  The Resort is comprised of a boutique retreat with beach villas, a 50-acre new lake, a 45-acre botanical garden, administration and service complex, etc. Our services include master planning, environmental restoration, reforestation, site planning, hardscape and landscape design. 



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